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The Poor Hachiko Dog Story

The Poor Hachiko Dog Story

Hachiko Story – A Loyal Dog

Hachiko was a small, white feathered dog born in November 1923 in Akita Prefecture, Japan.

The story happened in 1925, at Shibuya Station.

Hachiko was raised by Professor Ueno of Tokyo University. The family has no sons (he does not know if there is a girl like him in the movie) so he treats Hachiko as a child.

As usual, every morning, Hachi-ko sent Ueno Eizaburo to the station to board the train to work, and they both walked to Shibuya Station, Hachi loyal dog, nicknamed Hachiko. Hachiko was not allowed to follow the professor to the Imperial University (now the University of Tokyo), where he was teaching, and in the same way, at 3pm, Hachiko was back at the station waiting for the professor to return. But on May 12 of that year, Professor Ueno died from a stroke while playing cards in the university lecture hall and was forever unable to return. And Hachiko, like every day, still arrives at the station at 3 pm to pick up the owner. But that day was over 3 hours long, how many trains have passed, it was dark without seeing the professor. And Hachiko, for his loyalty, was not discouraged, Hachi-ko was still waiting and waiting.


Hachiko Story - A Loyal Dog

Hachi-ko hunched that something bad had happened, yet it was still waiting for the owner at 3pm every day. Soon, people around him began to notice Hachiko’s hopeless waiting for his deceased master. In turn, from the professor’s former gardener, to the director of the station and the people in the area for feeding Hachi-ko and taking turns taking care of it. The story of faithful dog is quickly spreading everywhere and Hachiko is considered a bright example of loyalty. People come to Shibuya just to see Hachi-ko, feed him, or gently rub his head in his head to good luck. In 1932, when Hachi-ko waited for his master for seven years, Ueno’s student wrote an article about the moving story and posted it in a major Tokyo newspaper. Immediately there were many concerned about this loyal dog. Also from Hachi-ko the Japanese added the new chukhen dictionary – the faithful little dog.


Besides, there is a theory that because of the side where Hachiko is still waiting for his owner to have a barbecue restaurant and Hichi-ko is very good at removing pieces of meat from the sticks used to bake customers. Often eat uncle. So the reason that every day he came out here waiting for the master was the barbecue.

Days, months, and years passed, Hachiko was still at the station at 3pm even though he had arthritis and was too old. Finally, on March 8, 1935, almost 11 years after he saw his last employer, Hachi-ko was found to be 12 years old. -will die in the place where it has been waiting for its owner for many years.

Hachiko’s death was on the front page of many of the newspapers at that time, and the man spent one day mourning Hachiko. From the contribution of the people throughout the country, people hired sculptor Ando Teru to make a bronze statue of Hachi-ko. When the statue was completed and solemnly placed inside the platform, it was in its place that it had been waiting for its owner for nearly 10 years.

However, a few years later, Japan was in war, all metal was taken away as a weapon, except for the Hachi-ko statue. After the war ended, in 1948, Ando Teru’s son Takeshi made a new Hachi-ko statue. The statue was located at Shibuya Station until today.

Hachiko Story - A Loyal Dog

Next to Professor Ueno’s grave at Aoyama Cemetery, there is also a statue of Hachi-ko. There are rumors that Hachiko’s bones are also buried there. But Hachiko’s skeleton is currently on display at the National Museum.

And at Shibuya Station, the loyal dog Hachi-ko stood there, forever waiting for his master. It is also known today as a rendezvous point in Shibuya, where people come and sit for their friends. And because the place is so crowded that people do not find each other and then return to the martial arts in return to wait like Hachiko.

The story of Hachiko is probably no stranger to your beloved, or your 8x, 9x generation.

Of course I have heard of this story, since I was a kid, I do not remember when I was in elementary school.

I remember, after listening to the touching story, I burst out crying and crying, uhmm … and I believe not only me but you all love dogs. I looked at my lucky and told myself. I will take care of it, me and it will be friends with each other until the loss.

Thinking back over the past few years, my feelings of being overwhelmed and remembered this story, I found and shared it on my Blog and my friends. I want to show people the value of love. It’s not just an animal, it has thoughts, it’s fun, it’s sad, it shares with you everything in life. It’s not just a friend, it’s a person who is a person.

Do not let the value of Hachiko’s Story disappear, letting your children know about Hachiko’s Stable Dog Story.

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