How To Handle When A Dog Has A Cold?

How To Handle When A Dog Has A Cold?

The weather changes constantly, when it is hot and cold, when it rains in the sun, when it is extremely wet, just don’t care that the dog has a cold. You may think that flu is perfectly normal, easy to treat and also quick. But you do not know that flu is also very easy to lead to other serious diseases such as rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumonia even high fever … Therefore, the prevention and treatment as soon as the new disease is work very important.

The Cause Of Dog Has A Cold

There are 2 causes of colds in dogs. One is viral. The second is due to a sudden change in temperature as well as the surrounding environment. Unsafe temperature conditions are also the main reason for the flu.

Symptoms When A Dog Has A Cold

Common flu symptoms in dogs are increased body temperature. The body is cold, when it is difficult to open the eyes, it is easy to glare, runny nose, sneeze, or use the foot to scratch the nose and cough a lot. The time from when a dog has a cold to a normal recovery is about a few weeks to 2 months. Puppies or dogs with poor nutrition, weak resistance will be very susceptible to colds.

Symptoms of a dog has a cold are not difficult to distinguish, but sometimes create confusion. There are two cases of flu in dogs, one in the early spring, the end of autumn and when the weather changes abnormally. Mostly because they have a sudden cold. For example, the cold wind blows into the room, gets wet or when bathing is done without drying. The symptoms of a common cold are: look silly, not excited to play, loss of appetite, red eyes, or watery eyes.

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There are also signs of coughing, runny nose, rapid breathing, fever, cold body, trembling. If not detected and treated promptly, it can lead to bronchitis, trachitis and other diseases. The flu is still caused by a virus, which is characterized by a high fever. In addition to the above cold symptoms, also accompanied by conjunctivitis and enteritis.

Signs When A Dog Has A Cold

The initial signs of dogs with infectious diseases and when dogs suffer from colds are very similar. Care must be taken to distinguish clearly. A virus infected with parvo virus or other infectious diseases. The initial manifestations are elevated body temperature, sneezing, watery eyes, and runny nose. Quite similar to the symptoms of a cold. Most employers are often difficult to distinguish and think they only have a common cold, misdiagnosis and wrong treatment. Even subjective not care carefully, causing extremely serious consequences.

Flu, also known as the early stages of infectious diseases, is extremely common. But don’t worry, in fact, there are other special symptoms. When a dog is infected with the virus, the body temperature is usually two-way, when it is hot and cold, when it is high, it’s low. And most of these dogs have rust on their eyes. Not only that, but also with vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. Often, vomiting will occur before and after diarrhea.

How To Prevent And Treat When A Dog Has A Cold

Preventing and treating colds in Dogs is not too difficult. Mostly increasing resistance to baby’s body. Make sure you get enough nutrition in your daily diet. Give them health training as well as physical fitness such as going out for a walk, running. Always take the time to have fun with your baby … Besides, pay attention to the temperature of the accommodation. Certain accommodation must be a warm, ventilated, low-humidity, no-windy place, to avoid absolutely catching them.

It is not difficult to treat a cold for a dog. Experienced owners can fully handle themselves. The owner has no experience of raising or when the dog shows a serious flu. Take it immediately to the animal hospital for treatment to avoid causing other complications.

So, as long as you observe and pay attention to your puppy often, you can distinguish and diagnose the disease. Either way, once they show flu, they must be handled in a timely manner. If you do not have or have ever adopted a puppy, take them to the hospital. You will not want the unfortunate things to happen to your “dear friend”!

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