How to take care and reduce cat and dog hair shedding

Cat and dog hair shedding is a normal process, but the number and frequency of hair loss usually depends on the health and breed. Although you can not completely stop hair loss, you can significantly reduce the amount of hair fall on your home furniture by combing your pet hair regularly.

Excessive hair loss can also be remedied by proper nutrition. Famous pet food manufacturers have researched to put the right amount of nutrients into the food, so we do not need to supply extra pet supplements. However, if your pet is allergic or sensitive to certain substances, try different brands to find the one that works best for them.

Cat and dog hair shedding
Cat and dog hair shedding

How often should I brush my cat?

Cats have excellent self-hygiene. But they still need us to help in difficult places to reach, especially when your cat is old and not as thorough as before. For cats with short fur, brush them once a week. Use metal brush, brush from head to tail of cat to hair growth.

If your cat has long coat, you need to brush them every few days. Start combing from the abdomen and four legs, gently remove the tangles, then gradually upward to remove hair loss and debris.

Cat and dog hair shedding

How long should I brush my dog?

Short and fine dogs such as Chihuahua, Boxer or Basset… only need to brush once a week

Short, thick feathers like the Retriever need to brush several times a week.

If your dog possesses a long, delicate coat like the Yorkshire terrier, it should be noted that puppies are worn out every day. For long-haired dogs such as the Collie or Afghan hounds, brush them daily with a short coat around the neck and feet.

What do I need to do to keep my dog and cat sitting still so I can brush them?

Getting dogs and cats to groom when they are young is the best way for cats to relax while being groomed. If your dog and cat has grown up, step by step teach them to get used to the brush. Find a quiet room, do not have any pets so the cat is not distracted. Place them on your lap, then gently alternate between stroking with your hands and using a brush to brush your hair. Give the dog and cat a good treat so that the bristles are comfortable to brush. Start with short bristles and gradually lengthen the time the dog and cats get used to grooming.

If your dog and cat is not like it, and brush it up, brush it a few times while the cat is standing. If they do not sit still, they may be able to groom us a bit.

How to eliminate cat and dog hair shedding problem?

Use a dedicated bristle brush, gently remove the tangled parts, then comb through the comb. If the mess is too difficult to remove, you should cut off, should be careful not to cut too close to the skin. Pets with long hair should be brushed regularly to remove the problem. It is a good idea to set up a daily brushing routine for them.

My pets hate bathing or cutting nails. How can hygiene work be gentle with them?

Cat and dog hair shedding
Bathing or cutting nails when dog hair shedding

Keep a fun atmosphere while pet cleaning. It is advisable to schedule cleaning when your pet is relaxing, paying special attention to this if your pet is prone to excitement. For the first time, just short sanitize in 5 to 10 minutes. Gradually extend the time until cleaning becomes a pet’s habit. You can help pets feel comfortable by stroking their bodies, especially sensitive areas such as ears, tails, belly, back and four legs. One of our most important tips is to praise and reward your pet after each cleaning session.

When to call a vet?

If pets are scabies, fleas, or tangled puppies that affect their health and mobility, it is time to ask a veterinarian. Another case needs to be contacted, as the pet becomes aggressive when you or the sanitary staff take a bath.

You need to watch for signs of pet anxiety such as gasping, drooling, trembling, moaning, cold, shrinking, droopy, snarling or petty. Even if we have patience and time to adapt slowly, some animals are afraid of bathing and cutting their nails. If your pet falls into this situation, do not force them to obey. Try to have vet or professional staff clean them. If you still can not, you should make an appointment with an animal behavior specialist or a dog training specialist to resolve the problem.

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