Top 5 Best Flea Pill for Dogs Reviews

Best Flea Pill for Dogs Reviews

Most of the best flea pill for dogs in the market are available for all kinds of dog breeds, especially in summer. As a dog owner, you must know how dangerous biting fleas are. They can cause serious diseases that might lead to your dog’s death.

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Best Flea Pill for Dogs
Best Flea Pill for Dogs

The good news is that you don’t have to worry because there are options for treatment regarding this problem. The flea pills for dogs are considered as a preventive solution to stop parasites from infesting your pet’s skin.

This buying guide gives you the top-rated flea pills in the market that prove to be the perfect solution for flea elimination. You should at least administer flea pills for dogs once a month for efficacy.

Top 5 Best Flea Pill for Dogs Comparison

ImagesProduct NameRatingPrice
Best Flea Pill for Dogs ReviewsSENTRY Capguard (nitenpyram) Oral Flea Tablets4.0$$
Best Flea Pill for Dogs ReviewsNovartis Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs and Cats4.0$$
Best Flea Pill for Dogs ReviewsFlea Away All Natural Flea Repellent for Dogs3.1$$
Best Flea Pill for Dogs ReviewsPetArmor 6 Count FastCaps for Dogs4.0$$
Best Flea Pill for Dogs ReviewsFour Paws Brewers Yeast Garlic Flavor Dog and Cat Tablets3.2$$

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SENTRY Capguard (nitenpyram) Oral Flea Tablets Review

Best Flea Pill for Dogs Reviews
SENTRY Capguard Flea Pill for Dogs

If you are looking for the best flea and tick medicines for dogs, Sentry Capguard should top your list. This is used for treating severe flea infestation through an oral nitenpyram tablet. It is so effective that it can kill the parasites in just 30 minutes.

The administration of this flea pill is quite different from other flea medications in the market because you can give this to your dog on a daily basis depending on how severe the infestation is. You can also give this to your pet after being exposed to places where dogs might acquire fleas.

You should note that the Sentry Capguard is not a preventive solution but a treatment medicine. It is recommended for dogs and even for puppies. The recommended for a dog that weighs 2-2.5 lbs is 11.4 mg.

The active ingredient in this flea pill is nitenpyram which is very useful in eliminating adult fleas on your dog’s skin. You can administer it again if your dog is re-infested due to the weather and other unavoidable with other pets that are infested.

As a potent treatment, it can stop the infestation with up to 90% assurance. In just 4 hours, the fleas on your dogs will be killed. As for cats, it will take 6 hours for it to take effect. It can stop the proliferation of skin dermatitis on dogs caused by fleas.

Most veterinarians recommend this flea pill due to its efficacy and safety in use. It is also a fact-acting option to stop insects in its tracks.

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Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs and Cats Review

Best Flea Pill for Dogs Reviews
Novartis Capstar Flea Pill for Dogs

The Capstar Novartis Flea Tablets is an example of the top flea medicines for dogs when it comes to fast action in killing the fleas. This pill can eliminate literally all fleas within 4 hours. The reason why it is better than other flea pills in the market is because it has the ability to completely eliminate fleas from the inside out.

It can effectively stop the life cycle of fleas, so they will no longer reproduce. It works by killing the insects the moment they bite on your dog’s skin as they will ingest the medication right away.

When you avail this one, it’ll come in a box of 6 tablets, which is good enough in eliminating the adult fleas altogether. The good thing about this medication is that it is also applicable for cats

If you’ve got cats at home, you can also give them a dose to prevent them from being infested while you are working on your dogs. This will stop them from making the infestation worse. You can apply this in parts that are already severely infested, and it’ll still work within just a few hours.

Most veterinarians recommend this flea pill because it can stop the reproduction of insects and get everything under control. Capstar Novartis Flea Tablets can be combined with other insect eliminating alternatives like flea shampoo and soaps.

Most users find this treatment to be an ultimate flea-busting solution. It will surely leave your dogs free from fleas from the inside and out.

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Flea Away All Natural Flea Repellent for Dogs Review

Best Flea Pill for Dogs Reviews
Flea Away Flea Pill for Dogs

Another product that has been invading the market is the all-new Flea Away Repellent. It is the best oral flea medication for dogs that is known for its natural and organic content. You will be relieved to know that it is free from chemicals and toxic substances that are found in other medications.

When it comes to protecting your dog naturally, this vitamin can provide an effective way of eliminating the smell of the CO2 compound, which is the main reason why fleas bite. Even if there are few fleas living on the dog’s skin, it won’t try to bite them.

This insect repellent is proven to minimize the itchiness and skin infections in dogs. It also can make the wounds and sores caused by flea bites to heal faster. Upon administering of this vitamin, you will notice that insects are easier to brush off because they aren’t biting anymore.

In fact, the Flea Away Repellent is also considered as holistic vitamins for the dogs to help of arthritic dogs and those that are prone to shedding get better. These conditions are usually caused by the secondary infections caused by flea infestation.

The active ingredients of this repellent are brewer yeast, Cyanocobalamin, Folic Acid, Pyridoxine HCI, Niacin, and other contributing components. The content that adds to its delicious taste is the beef liver.

Most users recommend this flea repellent because it can be multi-functional. It can be used as a daily vitamin and as a preventive method for insect infestation.

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PetArmor 6 Count FastCaps for Dogs Review

Best Flea Pill for Dogs Reviews
PetArmor Flea Pill for Dogs

If you are looking for a flea medication that has an instant elimination effect on fleas, then PetArmor Fast Caps is the brand to search for. This is considered as the best flea pill for dogs for dog owners because it can be applied to dogs that are already heavily infested.

This product boasts that it has an active nitenpyram content, which the most recommended ingredient endorsed by veterinarians in getting rid of fleas. The protection offered by this flea pill is extraordinary because it can’t be washed away even if you give your dog a shower.

This is a hassle-free option because you don’t need to separate other dogs in your house when administering it. It is also very easy to use since this is a one-dose pill. If you’ve got more than two dogs in your house and they are infested with fleas, this is the perfect flea medicine to buy.

What makes it better than the other flea pills in the market? PetArmor FastCaps are notable for being the fastest-acting flea medication. You just need to wait for 30 minutes for it to fully take effect.

It is best used for dogs that weigh 2-2.5 pounds. It is also safe to use if your dog or cat is pregnant. Regarding its safety, this can be given to your pets at least once a day depending on the severity of the infestation.

Most of the users of this brand noted that this is an effective solution for the new flea problem. They also pointed out that their dogs felt so much better because the itching is reduced. Skin infections also heal faster through the proper administration of this flea pill.

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Four Paws Brewers Yeast Garlic Flavor Dog and Cat Tablets Review

Best Flea Pill for Dogs Reviews
Four Paws Brewers Yeast Flea Pill for Dogs

Who wouldn’t know this excellent wellness product for dogs? The Four Paws Brewer’s Yeast is an example of the widely-recommended supplements for dogs. This is an excellent source of nutrients as well as essential vitamins and minerals for your dogs.

The Four Paws Brewers Yeast Dog Tablet provides you with a high level of protein to keep your dogs in good shape. This is recommended for dogs that need to be fit and active. It hastens the metabolism and keeps the energy level at its peak.

It is available in different sizes, and one tablet is enough to give the appropriate amount of protein and other essential minerals like zinc. It is a valuable content because it helps in controlling the shedding with dogs and help keep their fur shiny.

Users of this product have been using it for all of their pets because of the notable improvements on them. They reported that their pet’s immune system has also improved, making them less prone to flea infestation.

You should note that these parasites are more likely to invade those dogs that have the weaker immune system. If the coat and skin are also not moisturized, then more likely the parasites will be more attracted due to the strong smell of CO2.

Most users testified that their dogs like the taste of the Four Paws Brewers Yeast Dog Tablet. They had minimal effort in giving their dogs the complete nutrients needed to be overall healthy.

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Best Flea Pill for Dogs Buyer’s Guide

Best Flea Pill for Dogs ReviewsOne of the best ways to control fleas and ticks is the use of flea pills. They are commonly purchased during the hot seasons like summer. Their breeding ground is your dog’s coat. The worst part is when these arachnids start invading your homes.

To prevent this, you should know all the means to stop the proliferation of ticks and fleas. Make sure that your pets are free from these parasites by checking their coats regularly. You would easily see these parasites because they grow bigger in no time when they have sucked too much blood.

Preventing Ticks and Fleas

Don’t let these bad fleas take over your house. You should conduct frequent maintenance, especially on your pets. You can use the different flea pills in the market depending on the severity of the infestation.

Some medications can be utilized on a single dose basis only, and there are 30-day flea pills available as well. However, you should also note that the pills you should administer depend on many factors like the age, weight, and breed of your dog.

Pills for Flea Control

This is the easiest solutions in eliminating the bad fleas on dogs. They are also readily available in supermarkets and most pet stores. They are available over the counter, so you don’t need any prescription to purchase one.

They are usually fast-acting even with just a single dose. Some of the brands in this buying guide work within 4-6 hours. The top-rated ones work instantly within 30 minutes after ingestion. Most of the time, the reaction is evident.

You will notice that the fleas will start popping up on the surface of the coat. Some will fall off, and others will jump off. These are signs that the medication is already taking effect. The moment that the fleas bite on your dog, they will also ingest the powerful medication as well.

The main content of these flea pills has the capability to paralyze fleas and stop them from reproducing. It can kill the fleas and ticks right on the spot that is why most veterinarians prescribe these medications to dog owners.

Considerations in Buying the Best Flea Pill For Dogs

Best Flea Pill for Dogs Reviews
Flea on Dogs

1) Usage of the Pill – Before administering the flea medicine, be sure to read the labels carefully. Different flea medications have their set of instructions and indications. Follow the steps carefully so that your dog will not be prone to any harm and danger.

If you are not sure, you can check with your vet about the proper dosage to give to your pet. It is very dangerous for dogs to overdose with pills because their system and organs will surely get affected and traumatized.

2) FDA and EPA Approved – Dog owners only like what is best for their dogs. To ensure their safety, only purchase products that are FDA or EPA approved. These certifications mean that the product has undergone the standard process of manufacturing.

Some dog owners would opt to ordinary flea pills due to budget constraint. However, if you will look at it, it is wiser to invest in something productive and safe rather than to a product that might cause harm to your pet. Hospitalization cost will surely be overwhelming.

3) Weight Considerations – This is an important factor that you need to consider. Before administering a flea pill, you should check the proper dosage based on the weight of your dog. This means that you should have your dog’s weight checked before purchasing the flea pill.

If you’ve used a product that is lower than your pet’s weight range, it can lead to the ineffectiveness of the medication. The same goes with a product that is higher than your dog’s weight range because it can lead to over dosage.

4) Adverse Reactions – After giving the pill, observe if there will be adverse reactions on your pet. This includes itchy skin, rashes, trouble breathing, and others. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, rush your dog to the nearest vet clinic to prevent the situation from getting worse.

5) Effectiveness on Species of Fleas and Ticks – You should know that there are hundreds of species of ticks and fleas around and you need to identify it to ensure the efficacy of the medication. It is recommended to choose a flea pill that has a broad spectrum.

You can also consult your vet regarding the species of fleas around your home. In this way, the vet can prescribe the correct pill that will target the infestations. Many dog owners fail to realize the importance of this.

6) Lifestyle and Preference of Your Dog – You need to consider this because it is your dog that will be affected by the flea pills. Some dogs won’t allow collars to be put on them. Others also reject medicines. It is best if you will check all the possible options and preventives.

Other Alternatives

Best Flea Pill for Dogs Reviews
Best Flea Pill for Dogs

Aside from flea pills, there are other options which you can use to control the flea infestation on your dogs and in your home. Check out these possible options.

1) Flea ShampoosDog shampoos are now mixed with flea and tick treatments. They can be used together with the flea pills. This option is not the most efficient way to eliminating insects, but it can help a lot in keeping these parasites at bay.

Shampoos are also offered in different scents for hygiene purposes. Just remember to read the instructions first because some shampoos are concentrated and need to be diluted in water first.

2) Flea Collar for Dogs – This option is available for dogs that are hard to feed medicines with. This will be helpful if you can use it regularly with the flea shampoo.


You need to accept that fleas and ticks are part of your dog’s life and they can’t be entirely avoided. But you can do something in preventing infestation through the proper use of flea pills.

These medications help in minimizing the effects of flea bites like skin infections and itchy skin. The most recommended flea medicine is the Flea Away Natural Repellent. Aside from being natural, it is very effective in preventing infestation.

Using this product means exposing your dog less to the harmful effects of chemicals and other toxic compounds. It is all natural, but incredibly useful. If your dog has fleas and ticks, then this is the right time to take some action.



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