Best VarioCage Crash Tested Dog Crate Review

Best VarioCage Crash Tested Dog Crate Review
Best VarioCage Crash Tested Dog Crate Review

Crash tested dog crate for safe travel with dogs and family

With air-travel becoming riskier than ever, most vacationers prefer to drive to their destinations, lock, stock and pet in tow. But, as discovered recently by a pet-owner, even that isn’t as safe as you’d assume. For conscious owners, Variocage offers safe transportation for your dog in the car. A crash tested dog crate, tested and approved according to SPCT (Safe Pet Crate Test) by SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden).

Variocage is the safest solution on the market today for pet owners and their dogs when traveling in a car. In the event of a collision, the Variocage is compacted to the deformation of the car without the risk of rupture or rupture to protect your pet. Variocage crash tested dog crate is also equipped with an emergency to ensure that you can evacuate your dog even if the store can not be opened.

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The perils of untested pet cages and harnesses!

You’d be shocked to know that very few of the pet safety equipment available currently in the market is tested for effectiveness. None of the safety claims are verified and, in case of any untoward incident or injury to your pets, you’d have to foot the expenses out of your own pocket.

Oh yes, harness manufacturers are not held responsible because, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, pet products are not included within the ambit of consumer products.

This brings us to the importance of using only crash proof dog crates for transporting your pets.

What are crash tested dog crate transport for cars?

VarioCage Crash Tested Dog Crate
VarioCage Single Crash Tested Dog Crate

The name is pretty self-explanatory. A crash tested dog crate has been subject to crash tests (using dummy dogs of course) in different scenarios (frontal and rear collisions, drop tests that simulates a car turning turtle after a collision). It is designed with a bevy of features that not only keep your pet safe, in the aftermath of a collision, but also provides them with an emergency escape route.

With load tested straps, dog travel cages for cars will prevent your pets from being thrown inside the vehicle as a powerful projectile.

But with enough unscrupulous manufacturers out there, it is crucial to make the right choice when it comes to even crash tested cages.

MIM Variocage is currently rated as one of pet cage for cars that are proven to withstand even the most severe types of collisions, while keeping your pets safe. It is available in a wide range of sizes and can accommodate pets in all sizes, shapes and weight categories. In fact, we think it’s the best crash tested dog crate.

The Variocage  Double Crash Tested Dog Crate Review

The first thing that you’d need to know before buying a crash proof dog crate, is the appropriate size of the cage for your dog.

As scientifically proven, it’s always better to have just the right amount of space for the pet to feel free in the cage. There is no need to go for a larger sized travel cage for dogs that allows your pet to move around, during travel.

Conversely, you should not buy a travel dog cage that is not sufficient for a pet. It should never feel cramped, else it may result in an injury.

The Variocage crash tested cages are available in four different adjustable models (Small, Large, Max and X-Large) in a whopping, 14 sizes. A few popular versions are called Variocage XL, Variocage Compac and Variocage Minimax.

The cages are also available in Single and double varieties. The double dog cages for cars allows you to accommodate two dogs by using a removable divider in the middle of the cage and is perfect if you have more than one pet.

Read what other customers are saying!!

Features Of VarioCage Crash Tested Dog Crate

VarioCage Crash Tested Dog Crate
VarioCage Double Crash Tested Dog Crate

Life becomes a lot simpler, if you can assemble a car dog cage within minutes of unboxing it, without having to make modifications or drilling holes.

  • Easy assembly: The Variocage is designed for easy assembly and will be ready in as less as 10 minutes. It features telescopic tubes, individual panels that are used for the roof and the floor, and all necessary hardware, along with detailed assembly instructions in the form of high quality pictures.
  • ASTM A366 gauge Steel Construction: Unlike flimsy carrier cages, the Variocase crash tested dog cage is made of ASTM A366 gauge powder coated steel which offers unsurpassed durability and protection. It is an extremely durable cage that will, in all probability, last for years.
  • Tested Rigorously: Each Variocage crash tested cage is subject to rigorous testing at the Technical Research Institute of Sweden. The cages are subject to front collisions, rear collisions and a drop test, to ensure that the occupants of the cage remain perfectly safe and it performs as advertised.
  • Crumple Zones: Cages that are made of rigid poles are not designed to absorb the force of an impact. The Variocage crash tested dog cage on the other hand, features dedicated crumple zones along with the telescopic poles. This allows the crate to absorb the impact, keeping your pet safe.
  • Gas Hydraulic Motion Springs: The doors of the cage are fitted with gas hydraulic motion springs, allowing you to remove and close them with ease.
  • Escape Hatch: Many a time, after a collision, it becomes almost impossible to safely extract the pet. The doors and windows of the vehicle may be jammed or you may have misplaced the key to the cage. The variocage features an escape hatch that can be used to remove the pet safely from the cage and the car. However, your dog will find this to be an escape proof dog crate.
  • Tie-Down Straps: Unsecured cargo in the back of the car can become a projectile that can hurt you in case of a collision. To prevent this from happening, the tie-down straps in the Variocage can be used to secure this safest dog crate to anchor points in the vehicle. At the same time, the straps are engineered to allow the crumple zone to work uninterrupted, keeping your pet safe.
  • Adjustable Depth: The depth of the cage can be adjusted allowing you to tailor it according to your car. This ensures that the cage fits perfectly even if you change cars.
  • Additional Features: To ensure that your dog doesn’t play Houdini during travel, the Variocage features a lock and key system that allows you to use a padlock. Also, the package includes a ribbed rubber mat that is resistant to pet urine and dust.

How pet-friendly are these cages?

As apparent from the customer reviews on Amazon, most customers find that this dog transport cages for cars, is a perfect fit for their dogs.

Amazon reviewer LCW, uses the Variocage DOUBLE Crash Tested Dog Cage for his German Shepherd. He removes the divider as it gives the dog more room and it doesn’t feel restless.

Escape Proof Dog Crate

Another Amazon customer called Karenj, uses the Double cage for his Keeshond and English Springer Spaniel without any problems. The rubber mat provides a firm surface for the pet and it doesn’t slip and hurt itself when the vehicle is moving.

This also prevents the cage from rattling and it has extremely durable tubes that are claw and chew proof. If you have an escape artist, then this will ensure that they stay locked in the cage.

Is this a safe indestructible dog crate?

With a proven track record and an immaculate reputation in the UK for the past decade, Variocage is undoubtedly, the best crash tested dog cage that money can buy – in fact, it’s nearly an indestructible dog crate. It is incredibly safe and worth every penny that you’d spend on it.

What will you get in return? The peace of mind and assurance that your pet is as safe and secure as you are and you can concentrate on driving without having to worry about your pet running amok, sniffing for a hidden treasure under the driver’s seat.


If you are serious about the safety of your pet during travel, then the Variocage is your best choice. It is proven, tested and recommended by the Center for Pet Safety.

Ensure that you select the right sized cage though. Here are the links to the various models


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