Top 5 Best Dog DNA Test Reviews

Best Dog DNA Test Reviews

The best dog DNA test is the solution if you want to know your dog’s ancestry especially if you currently own a dog with a mixed breed. It can accurately show which race is running in his blood.

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Best Dog DNA Test Reviews
Best Dog DNA Test

Aside from this function, you will be able to know if your dog is a purebred or not. You will realize that it is also very relevant to subject your dog to this test if you would like to know the possible genetic-related illnesses present in his system. This can help in early diagnosis and awareness to the owner of the dog.

This buying guide provides you the latest dog DNA test kits that you can avail which helps in answering most of your questions about your dogs.

Top 5 Best Dog DNA Test Comparison

ImagesProduct NameRatingPrice
Best Dog DNA Test ReviewsMars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit4.3$$
Best Dog DNA Test ReviewsEmbark Dog DNA Test4.7$$$
Best Dog DNA Test ReviewsWisdom Panel 2.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit4.1$$
Best Dog DNA Test ReviewsDNA MY Dog - Canine Breed Identification Test Kit3.2$$
Best Dog DNA Test ReviewsDog DNA - Canine Breed Identification Test3.2$$

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Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit Review

Best Dog DNA Test Reviews
Wisdom Panel Best Dog DNA Test

When it comes to dog DNA test accuracy, the Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel is the right kit to look for. This is a viable method for you to be able to plan for your pooch’s nutritional diet. You can also decide for his training and healthcare through the results of this test.

This test can present up to the first three generations of your dog’s ancestry. This gives an accurate identification of the purebred ancestry. Aside from this, it can also generate a profile for the dog’s weight.

Another important feature that it can provide is the identification of the physical traits that your dog might exhibit in the future. Together with this, any mutation in the MDR1 genes can also be detected through the test.

The Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel test provides even the Exercise Induced Collapse. It has at least 250 breeds in the database, and the American Kennel Club recognizes those. This test is versatile because you can run it for both purebred and mixed breed dogs.

When you avail this test kit, it comes with DNA cheek swabs and the inserts needed for drying the swabs. If your dog is purebred, a Principle Analysis chart will be provided. This gives you some comparisons of your dog to other dogs of the same breed.

Most of the users of this kit praise it for its accuracy. They also noted that the genetic marker details are fascinating especially when it comes to affecting the behavior and expression of their dogs.

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Embark Dog DNA Test Review

Best Dog DNA Test Reviews
Embark Best Dog DNA Test

The DNA testing for dogs has been encouraged nowadays to help in planning how to take care of your dog and what should be the diet given to your pooch. The Embark Dog DNA Test is manufactured to have a clearer understanding of domestic dogs.

The Embark Dog DNA Test can reveal the ancestry of a dog in Central Asia as well as the population’s history of the dog. The genetic basis of dogs is also covered by this test kit. It can work on 20 kinds of genes of different dogs with the same accuracy.

Aside from breed identification, the ancestry tracing can go as far as their great grandparents. Some ordinary dog DNA tests in the market can only provide detection up to a limited line of generation. This is why the Embark Dog DNA test is widely used in the global setting.

Are you worried that your pooch is a carrier of a certain disorder? You can find out by running this test. This test can show the risks of almost 160 genetic diseases. The MDR1 sensitivity is also included together with the degenerative myelopathy.

Other genetic disorders that it can work on are dilated cardiomyopathy, PMR Blindness, and the Exercise Induced Collapse. The results can help in giving recommendations on the proper care and diet needed by your dog.

Another reason why you should avail this kit is that it is already proven and tested by most of the professional dog breeders and other veterinary medicine organizations. The reputation of the makers also left an impact on their product.

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Wisdom Panel 2.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit Review

Best Dog DNA Test Reviews
Wisdom Panel 2.0 Best Dog DNA Test

According to dog DNA test reviews, the Wisdom Panel 2.0 test kit can determine if your dog is a true hybrid. The same goes with pure breed dogs. It can actually determine if you are an owner of the purebred dog that goes as far as the third generation of ancestry.

This can be done with a simple cheek swab. With this method, you can already uncover DNA results and findings that can help you in planning for your dog’s care and diet. It can help you understand why your dog is behaving in a certain way.

The good thing about the Wisdom Panel 2.0 test kit is it can also help you in predicting the adult weight of your dog. In this way, you can plan well for the kind of foods you need to feed your pooch. This contributes to a normal and healthy body mass.

If you are planning to train your dog, you might want to consider getting the test job on him to determine the appropriate training for your dog. In this way, you will be aware of the risks in training your pooch.

When you avail the kit, it’ll come in a complete package. The package includes two cheek swabs and a set of instructions for first-time users. The prepaid shipping bill is also part of the package. So basically, the Wisdom Panel 2.0 includes everything you’ll need for the test.

Once the report is done; the Ancestry Report will be sent to you. This report includes the ancestry of your dog depending on its breed. There will be a dog profile that reveals all the breeds detected on your dog.

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DNA MY Dog – Canine Breed Identification Test Kit Review

Best Dog DNA Test Reviews
Best Dog DNA Test

This best dog DNA test kit can give the complete genetic background of your pet. The DNA My Dog Canine Breed Identification kit can reveal the history of your dog’s breed and the appropriate exercise level they need. It is not limited to only that, you can also be presented with the personality traits that can be demonstrated by your pooch.

This kit has easy instructions, and you can do the collecting of your dog’s DNA samples by yourself. The extensive database of DNA MY Dog Test Kit ensures the accuracy of the results and all the matches from the DNA will be recorded. This process contributes to the canine heritage information if collated.

Custom certificated will be given to clients. This document will show the picture of your dog and the record of his DNA composition. All the breeds found will have an analysis based on the genetic profile of your dog.

The test results can serve as your reference for your pooch’s personality traits and behavior. The diseases that are present in your dog’s genes can also be traced down by this test. In this way, you can diagnose it earlier, and treatment can be recommended for your dog.

You should be aware of the genetic makeup of your dog, so proper care and treatment can be given. Most of the users of this test kit noted that they are happy with the results because it’s very accurate and detailed.

They also like the detailed outline of the genetic health concerns together with the Canine Breed DNA analysis. Indeed, it’s one of the most comprehensive DNA test kits in the market.

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Dog DNA – Canine Breed Identification Test Review

Best Dog DNA Test Reviews
Best Dog DNA Test

The DNAffirm DNA Test Kit is a helpful tool in determining the breed of your dog, including the explanation for your dog’s unique appearance. It can help you in understanding why your dog acts in a certain way.

Once the result is ready for release, a photo certificate will be sent to you. You can see in the report the DNA composition of your dog and its dominating breed. It also contains genetic marks that are helpful in analyzing the behavior of your pet.

If you are doing the DNA testing as a reference, then you have purchased the right product. Gaining insights on your dog’s genetic identification can help in detecting genetic-related health issues. Aside from that, you will be able to provide your pooch with the right diet for his health.

If you are done with the test samples, you can send it out, and you need to wait two weeks for the results. The good thing about this is that it has already been used in courts to support facts and evidence.

Most of the users of this DNA test kit have used it in contending their dogs in court. They have expressed their positive feedbacks because they can trace the ancestry of their dogs with accuracy and precision.

The reviews also show that dog owners are satisfied because incorrect data has never been reported about the DNAffirm DNA Test Kit. This claim alone made the credibility of this brand stronger making it more popular to dog owners and pet lovers in the world.

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Best Dog DNA Test Buyer’s Guide

Best Dog DNA Test Reviews

If you are wondering about the genetic background of your mixed breed pooch, then this is the perfect time to get your dog DNA test. This is the best solution if you keep on wondering what type of dog you have.

It can be misleading and inaccurate if you try to find their breed by just relying on the physical appearance of the dog. Dog DNA testing is the most viable solution in this process as it’s more precise and complete.

Benefits of DNA Test Kits for Dogs

There are some reasons why you might want to know about your dog’s breed through a DNA test. You should be aware that identifying the ancestry of your dog is a valuable information. This can give you an insight on how your dog will turn up when it grows up.

Best Dog DNA Test Reviews

The results that you will acquire from the test can be used to investigate the breed of your dog and their genetic makeup. These are considered as valuable indicators that will lead to accurate results and identification of your pet.

The DNA Test can also help you in understanding the temperament and mood of your dog. It can also tell you if it can be a safe house guard or just a regular indoor house pet. If you are familiar with your pooch’s lineage, you can devise a training schedule that will help them build a healthy body.

Regarding your dog’s diet, it can assist in determining the right amount of food to be given as well as the kind of food to be fed. In short, you will be able to take care of your dog by using the background reported in the DNA test.

When your dog is prone to health risks, then a DNA dog test is helpful in determining all the genetic-related diseases that should be expected from your dog. It can also give you are warning to the diseases that your dog might be prone of.

You should know that your dog’s DNA test is similar to human fingerprints. It’s unique, and only your dog possesses that genetic composition. This makes it a useful method if ever your four-legged friend gets lost.

How Does a Dog DNA Test Kit Work?

Best Dog DNA Test Reviews

In choosing the DNA test kit for your dog, you need to take note of all the considerations you need to make. You should also understand that these tests vary depending on the brand of the trial kit and other factors.

The release of the results also varies. You should also note that the presentation of the results will be different. No two result will have the exactly same presentation.

You might wonder how DNA testing works. To put it simply, the blood of your dog is used by the veterinarian to test their DNA. If you are using a home kit, you are only required to get cheek swabs from your dog. Most dog owners opt for this method since it’s more practical and hassle-free.

If you are going to get the cheek swab, you should be cautious because the swabs should be free from contaminants. Getting cheek swabs is more prone to contamination more than blood testing.

You will be provided with individual swabs and inserts where you can put the swabs after taking the sample. You just need to rub the swab in your dog’s cheek for about 30 seconds. You need to get another one to ensure the accuracy of the results.

These tests can take 2 or 3 weeks to finish. Some dog owners are surprised with the results, and that might lead them to question the accuracy of the test done.

How to Choose the Best Dog DNA Test Kit

Best Dog DNA Test Reviews

1) Trusted Brand – This is one of the most important factors that you need to consider when choosing the best dog DNA test kit. There are different brands in the market, and it is recommended to stick to a brand that has already gained an excellent reputation through its users.

A brand that has a good reputation is more likely to have a higher rate of accuracy. You should always remember that your test kit should be highly reliable for you to get the accurate results that you are looking for.

2) Comprehensive and Complete Information – Different test kits have different databases. The more breeds a database contains, the more accurate the result will be. You should choose a DNA test kit that will include the canine’s family tree and relevant weight predictions.

A comprehensive DNA test should also reveal the behavioral aspects that should be expected from the dog based on the dominant breeds found in the test. A recommendation for training and exercise is also a good inclusion in the report.

A pet DNA test should also contain the genetic mutation that runs in your dog’s blood and system. This can be a great help to you because you will be aware of your dog’s health status.

Steps in Using a DNA Home Test Kit

Buying a home DNA test kit is easy. It is available in local pet stores. Once you have purchased it, it is critical to read all the instructions before testing. It is recommended to do it several hours after the meal.

You need to swab your dog’s cheek using the provided swabs in the kit. After getting a swab, you need to place it in the inserts. Do it as fast as you can to prevent contamination. Mail the sample to the company’s lab as soon as possible to get the results asap.

You’ll receive the results after several weeks, and it will be mailed to you with a photo certification.


The dog DNA test is a viable solution if you want to know the roots of your dog. This can reveal the ancestry and can help in identifying the real breed of your pooch. There are several home test kits in the market to choose from.

The Wisdom Panel 2.0 DNA Test Kit is one of the most recommended kits because it can present highly accurate results and has an extensive database of dog breeds. The results also include genetic markers that are very useful in determining the factors that are presently recognized on your dog.

If you would like to dig deeper on your dog’s ancestry, get this DNA test kit now and be more familiarized with your dog.



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Top 5 Best Dog DNA Test Reviews
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