Best Dog Baskets for Bike In 2018 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Whether you need to take your dog to the pet clinic, to the groomer, or on a long biking trip, the best dog baskets for bike can keep your pet safe while you are both on the road.

After all, not all pet dogs can run as fast as Greyhounds or German shepherds. So, it is not always possible to put them on a leash and take them with you as you go biking. Also, not all roads are safe enough for your furry friend to run in.

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Best Dog Baskets for Bike Review
Best Dog Baskets for Bike

You can attach the dog basket to the handlebars or the back of your bike. Dog baskets for Bike range from the basic wicker baskets to the luxurious ones.

With that in mind, here are 5 pet carriers available on the market now, along with the best dog baskets for bike reviews to help you with your purchase.

Top 5 Best Dog Baskets For Bike Comparison

ImagesProduct NameRatingPrice
Best Dog Baskets for Bike ReviewSolvit Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket4.4$$
Best Dog Baskets for Bike ReviewDoggyRide Cocoon Bike Basket for Pets3.7$$$
Best Dog Baskets for Bike ReviewBicycle Pet Basket4.1$$
Best Dog Baskets for Bike ReviewPettom Foldable Pet Bike Bicycle Basket Carrier3.7$$
Best Dog Baskets for Bike ReviewNantucket Bike Basket Co. Classic Lightship Basket4.5$$

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Solvit Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket Review

Best Dog Baskets for Bike Review
Solvit Dog Baskets for Bike

The wicker Tagalong by Solvit is a stylish and comfortable basket for your dog. This best dog basket for bikes is made from synthetic rattan that creates a classic look to this sturdy basket.

It comes with a removable sunshade, so your pet can enjoy a bike ride with its top-down, especially during summer. The cool and comfortable faux-fur liner is detachable for easy washing.

The Solvit Pet Bicycle Basket has a bracket system that can be taken out of a bike within seconds. The system has a three-way adjustability, that easily fits your bike without touching the cables on the brake.

The Tagalong pet bicycle basket can carry weight up to 13 lbs. It has an inside dimension of 15” L x 11” W x 9.5” H, and weighs 4 lbs.

This wicker pet basket is a sizable one but take note that 12 lbs is a bit heavy for a bike. If you have a suspension fork in front of your bicycle, it is the ideal basket to use as it does not connect to the front fork. Check if your handlebar has a 1″ instead of a 1 1/4″ diameter, in order for it to fit well.

Use a string and wrap it around the handlebar of your bike. If the string is about 3″ in length, it is a 1″ diameter. If you see that the string you use is about 4″ in length, you got the incorrect handlebar size.


  • Easy to attach
  • Can be used top up or top down
  • Looks stylish
  • Breathable materials
  • Plenty of room


  • The basket may bounce a bit if not installed properly

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DoggyRide Cocoon Bike Basket for Pets Review

Best Dog Baskets for Bike Review
DoggyRide Dog Baskets for Bike

DoggyRide kept the safety of the dog in mind when they created the safety leash of the Cocoon inside this model basket. Its mesh dome feature creates a feeling of security as your pet enjoys the outdoors.

If you do not want to use the basket for your bike, just take out the strap from one side pocket and put it in the basket. If your dog gets excited if it sees other dogs, you can zip it underneath the mesh.

With its KLICKfix adapter, the DoggyRide Cocoon Basket for bikes can be easily attached to your bicycle, providing your dog with enough view of the street. While this Klickfix handlebar is easy to attach, you can choose to add a Velcro strap if you want to secure the Cocoon more tightly. For cold and rainy days, the cover of this dog basket provides shelter for your dog.

The DoggyRide bike basket comes with a hard side and soft bottom, creating extra padding and comfort. Its nylon interior is waterproof as well as washable. It also makes for a great grocery basket. Many dog basket for bike reviews came from pet owners with dogs under 13 lbs.

This bike pet basket is ideal for pets that weigh up to 15 lbs, including the basket. While the basket cannot be folded down, the mesh and the plastic cover are detachable and collapsible. Both can also be zippered on and off. The body is firm, which makes it sturdy.


  • High quality
  • Multiple uses
  • Great construction
  • Stable due to double harness clips
  • Easy installation
  • The semi-rigid foam adds protection


  • Not ideal for bigger dogs

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Bicycle Pet Basket Review

Best Dog Baskets for Bike Review
Bicycle Dog Baskets for Bike

Sporty bike basket by Snoozer is 10 x 13 x 10 inches in dimension. It has a detachable interior padding and chin rest area for that extra level of comfort. The weight limit is up to 14 lbs.

This Snoozer basket features several pockets for storage. This dog basket also comes with a leash clip to secure your dog tightly. There is a rain cover for protection in the inside pocket of the basket. Its solid microfiber can be easily cleaned.

The inside bottom of the sporty basket has a metal brace that sits on the fork of the bicycle. This helps prevent this dog basket from hitting and rubbing the front tire. The basket is mounted on the handlebars by using the belt straps. This item comes with a couple of strap handles for those who would like to take their dogs off the bike.

The side pockets of this sporty basket are best for storing a bottle of water and for keeping its leash. The top pocket is just the thing to ensure cover for the rain. The front pocket can be used for holding the lock and keys of the bike.

For this Snoozer basket, using a harness is preferable than using a collar. A dog may attempt to get out of the basket while on the road. Tightening the harness and the safety belt will stop it from happening. Your agile dog can no longer jump and get itself in danger.


  • Easy to install
  • Good materials and construction
  • A fairly large basket
  • Lots of zippered pockets for storage
  • It is foldable


  • A bit expensive

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Pettom Foldable Pet Bike Bicycle Basket Carrier Review

Best Dog Baskets for Bike Review
Pettom Dog Baskets for Bike

The Pettom Foldable Pet Basket works well with a bicycle rack, wherein the basket can sit securely. Installing it on the bike can be done even without instruction manuals. You can figure the installation out within minutes. It is posh and made with good quality materials. Your pet dog will suit it well.

You do not always go biking with your pet. The best thing about Pettom basket is that it can be attached and removed without difficulty. Most importantly, it should be able to attach firmly to the frame of your bike.

According to the best dog basket for bike reviews, this product offers a lot of benefits for you and your dogs. This is not a surprise as it is made from sturdy materials. It provides a safe and secure ride for your pet. Its cushioned panel at the bottom is removable.

This Pettom foldable dog basket comes with two built-in metal strips found on the floor of the carrier.

For safety purposes, there is also a seat belt for the pet rider. This item has an additional pocket for doggie snacks and for bottle holders, too. It is a space-saving dog bike basket that is easy to install. Proud owners claim that even after using the basket for several months, it still looks clean and new.

If you are worried about the fitting of the foldable carrier to your bicycle as well as its stability, you can attach it strongly by fastening and shortening the belt straps around your bike handles. As a result, you are addressing the stability issue that is most helpful for your dog.


  • Water resistant
  • Washable interior padding liner
  • Comfortable
  • Great quality
  • Fits large dogs


  • May sway from side to side

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Nantucket Bike Basket Co. Classic Lightship Basket Review

Best Dog Baskets for Bike Review
Nantucket Bike Basket Co. Dog Baskets for Bike

The Nantucket company is an expert in creating unique, hand-made dog baskets for bikes. They are using premium quality materials combined with professional weaving methods. This classic bike basket by Nantucket is a replica of the Lightship basket that was first made during the 1800s.

The Nantucket Lightship Basket crafted from a perfectly woven rattan cane. Connects to the front handlebars together with two adjustable straps. It is suitable for dogs up to 13 lbs. This bike basket does not interfere with the movement of the brake cables especially if your bicycle has handle brakes.

Admittedly, this Lightship basket is a good looking one, so be aware that someone might take an interest in it. Since this dog carrier comes with belt buckles, try to cover the straps around the bike handlebars with wires if you are worried about losing it.

A few reviews said that their Nantucket dog baskets have gone through different weather conditions, and are still strong and eye-catching.

The weight limit of this classic dog basket is 13 lbs. If you want an attractive, spacious, durable and vintage-looking dog basket installed on your bike, get the Nantucket basket. There are two colors to choose from; natural and brown.

The materials used for the Nantucket bike basket have been hand-picked for durability to ensure the basket can keep up with the demands of daily use. This best dog basket for bikes from Nantucket is both beautiful and functional. This classic rattan wicker dog basket is definitely made to last.


  • Compatible with most handlebars
  • Has a wooden bottom
  • Has a classy vintage appearance
  • Sturdy and spacious
  • High quality


  • While it is big enough, it is not for carrying heavy dogs.

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The Best Dog Baskets for Bike Buyer’s Guide

Best Dog Baskets for Bike Review
Dog Baskets for Bike

Are Dog Baskets for Bike Safe?

These dog baskets and carriers are designed to cover and protect our furry companions. When looking for the best dog baskets for bike, get the one that is pet-friendly. Do not settle for a regular bike basket that is specifically made for shopping use. Dog baskets are extra powerful and come with functional features to keep your pet safe while biking.

There are several reasons why a dog owner would buy best dog baskets for bike. Here are some examples.

  • Rough roads or extremely hot roads can be painful to the paws of your pet.
  • The biking trip may be far for your dog.
  • Your pet recently has had an operation and is still recuperating.
  • The dog is aging and requires special care.
  • You really just want to bring your dog while biking.

Types of Dog Baskets for Bike Based on Construction

1) Hard Dog Baskets – They are generally constructed from heavy duty polypropylene and high-quality plastic. This type of dog baskets for bike has good ventilation on both sides. They are also easy to clean; a simple wiping would do.

These baskets have plastic and steel construction for improved visibility, sturdiness, and safety. These are most suitable for small dogs.

2) Soft Dog Baskets – These kinds of pet carriers for bike look like gym bags. They have soft nylon material with a hard bottom part. The ventilation of these dog bags has mesh materials on either side. You can find them in zippered openings. They usually have shoulder straps that can be transported much easier than hard crates.

3) Cardboard Dog Baskets – These ones are made from cardboard boxes with holes for air circulation. Their construction has a water-based covering, which makes them water resistant. Their joints are strongly glued for strength.

Before You Buy the Best Dog Baskets for Bike

Pay attention to the following before buying the best dog baskets for bike.

  • Dogs come in different sizes. Even though a manufacturer claims their basket can hold your pet perfectly, it is still important to check if your dog is comfortable when you place it in.
  • Do not think that once you put your pet in a new bike basket, everything will work out well. They should be familiar and comfortable inside the basket before you go biking. You do not want a frightened dog going wild in the basket, causing the bike to become unbalanced. All this because you did not make the effort to get your pet accustomed to it first.
  • Choose a basket with materials that would make your dog comfortable. It should be snug and the bumps on the road should not disturb your furry companion.
  • Make sure that the handlebars are attached properly and do not slide while biking. A stable empty basket does not necessarily mean that it will not move once you put your dog inside. In addition, the balance adjustment of the dog will have an effect on the entire balance of the bicycle.

Tips to Remember When Buying the Best Dog Baskets for Bike

  • Know the current weight of your pet dog – These baskets provide a weight limit, so you can tell if you need a sturdier one, or if something soft but stable would be enough.
  • Choose one that has a removable cushioned material – It should also be easy to put back again. Whenever possible, dogs love to play and get dirty. You really do not want your bike basket to be smelly, do you?
  • Look for a pet basket that is easy to clean – For example, a wire basket just needs some wiping and rubbing to clean them. Do not forget to get a pillow or padded material for it that fits.
  • Identify the terrain for cycling – Be sensible in thinking where you can take your pet while biking. While mountain biking with your dog in a basket sounds fun, it also unsafe for your canine companion.
  • Choose Organic Materials – It is important that the dog basket is constructed from organic materials given that a dog is likely to bite on almost anything including the edges of the basket. If the item is made out of hard metal, your pet might gnaw on the metal parts, which can lead to teeth breakage.

Safety Tips When Using the Best Dog Baskets for Bike

  • Install them correctly to the bicycle – The worst thing that can happen to you is the dog basket falling in the middle of the road. Attach the basket to your bicycle firmly. Make sure that it is not going to fly or drop on the ground. Every single basket has a different method of attachment. Determine how to install yours properly.
  • Keep your dog away from moving parts of the bike – Dogs are generally energetic and unpredictable. It is important that the dog will not get his feet, tail, or tongue into the moving parts of the bicycle.
  • Prevent them from jumping out – Your dog may bark, chase, or jump at anything you see on the road. The dog basket must have a leash that you can use to connect to the harness of your dog.
  • Hydrate your dog – Find a bike basket that has compartments for food and water storage. It is ideal for a long-distance bike ride. Your dog needs to eat and drink during the trip too.


The modern dog baskets for bike are cool, functional and better than ever. If you like cycling and hanging out with your dog at the same time, think about getting the best dog baskets for bike to take them with you. Choose from the various models available on the market.

It is advisable to compare bike baskets from different manufacturers to determine which one meets the needs of your pet dog and yourself. The information, tips and dog baskets for bike reviews above can help you know exactly what kind of basket is the right one to buy and will keep you and your dog happy.



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