10 the truth about the ability of strongest dog sense that we do not know?

Strongest dog sense can feel the sadness, find out the cancer of the owner, even know the earthquake and lightning.

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1. The ability of strongest dog sense: Know when your ‘boss’ is pregnant

With their strongest dog sense, dogs can smell the hormonal changes in a woman’s body, as well as feel the change from her appearance to their emotions when they are in their gills. pregnancy.

10 the truth about the ability of strongest dog sense that we do not know?
The ability of strongest dog sense when your ‘boss’ is pregnant

When a woman is about to have a baby, she will listen and watch what her employer says and do and often worry.
Is not it interesting that the first person to find out that the baby is about to greet in the womb is a dog, not a human?

2. Understand the sadness of the master

Dogs have long been known for being sensitive to human emotions. If you are sad, it will comfort you by placing its head on your lap and licking you affectionately.
So why can they feel human emotions?

The ability of strongest dog sense
With ability of strongest dog sense, it can understand the sadness of the master

Research shows that a part of the brain of a dog is similar to that of humans, which are capable of ‘reading’ human emotions through their voices.

In addition, over the thousands of years of living with people, they gradually adapt to people through evolution in terms of emotional perception and human intentions.

3. Strongest dog sense is feel the fear of man

Why? Also with the dog’s super sensitive sensation (millions of times sensitive to human nose), they can smell our fear literally.

Strongest dog sense is feel the fear of man
Strongest dog sense is feel the fear of man

The fear is manifested by body phenomena such as sweating, blood pumping faster, the body regulating the adrenaline hormones and pheromones that fly into the air and then to the nose.

Not only the nose, the eyes are their second ‘radar’. The dogs will observe your facial expressions, breathing, standing (walking, running).

4. Warning when someone is about to have a seizure

Up to the present time, there are many cases saved by ‘pet’. Among these were cases of resuscitated dogs.

Strongest dog sense Warning when someone is about to have a seizure
With Strongest dog sense it can warning when you is about to have a seizure

Trained dogs can warn you when you have a seizure within the next 10-20 minutes, enough time to take your medication or get help from someone.

If you have a seizure, they will protect you, save you from danger by pressing the built-in emergency call button, or shaking you to breathable places, seeking help from everyone.

5. Detect cancer

When people have lung cancer and breast cancer, their breathing will be slightly different from that of ordinary people.

And with this strongest dog sense nose, educated dogs can recognize that difference.

Not only that, they also detect skin cancer by sniffing through skin lesions and prostate cancer by smelling the patient’s urine.

strongest dog sense nose can Detect cancer
Strongest dog sense nose can Detect cancer

And of course their accuracy is also very reliable: 98%. The discovery of this ability of the dog will be a promising new step in science, medicine future.

6. Diabetes

With this strongest dog sense, once again the dog rescues the human from the hypoglycemia in our body.

They will use their nose to sniff the change of breath and your skin when you have a sudden drop in blood sugar – just as the police measure the amount of alcohol in the breath of the.

Strongest dog sense nose can detect diabetes
Strongest dog sense nose can detect diabetes

In 2004, a dog training institute called the “Diabetic Dog” (D4D) was active, and the course for dogs was quite high as well as the quality of training was very good.

7. Weather forecast

Dogs can predict all kinds of weather from rain, storms, tornadoes to falling snow. They can predict such weather because of their ability to smell, smell far more than we do.

They can smell the rain and the smell of ozone in the air created by lightning before we see lightning.

With Strongest dog sense nose It can smell the lightning ozone before we see it, flash.
With Strongest dog sense nose It can smell the lightning ozone before we see it, flash.

In addition, the study also found that the ‘older the forest is, the more spicy it is’ as dogs with more experience in weathering know more signs of weather change.

8. Earthquake

It is not uncommon for dogs to be able to anticipate earthquakes.

But the special thing is that humans have used them for such predictive purposes thousands of years ago. They feed them and other animals for the purpose of signaling a disaster.

Strongest dog sense nose It can predict earthquakes
Strongest dog sense nose It can predict earthquakes

In there, the dog has a good ear can hear the movement underground. They will either bark or run or stay with their master.

In addition, they often breed eared dogs for disaster prediction because they sound better than soft-spoken dogs.

9. Harmful insects

With the bugs, you can completely find and destroy it by its nasty rotten smell, but for those things that do not smell like termites, ants … it’s really handy.

10 the truth about the ability of strongest dog sense by howdogcare
Termite bites or bed bugs are obsessions of many people

However, if you own a dog, take them to the training center so that they learn the ability to find and catch termites and bed bugs.

It can find out where the insects are hiding and the eggs of those insect insects. However, the higher the degree of catching the dog when it is well trained and the operator is also good.

10. Enemies of the killer virus are threatening bees

At present, the number of bees is decreasing and partly due to humans, but in part due to the nature, especially the bacteria are attacking.

This ‘foulbrood’ bacteria can kill larvae at any time and spread from one honeycomb to another. This has a great impact on the ecological environment as well as on the farms producing honey.

Enemies of the killer virus are threatening bees
Enemies of the killer virus are threatening bees

So experts came in and they found out how to fix the bacteria. Firstly they will give the trained dogs to look for this ‘bee-sharing’ bacteria in honeycomb.

Then they kill them. And of course, for those dogs not to be bitten by bees, they will just let them work when the bees are off – that is, around the cold months of the year.



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